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The specific intervention for the Year 6 summer catchup will focus on Read Write Inc fresh start.

Storyline online

Storyline Online®, streams videos featuring celebrated actors reading children’s books alongside creatively produced illustrations. Readers include Oprah Winfrey, Chris Pine, Rosario Dawson, Viola Davis, Terry Crews, Connie Britton, John Lithgow, Jennifer Garner, Betty White and dozens more.

Each book includes supplemental curriculum developed by a credentialed elementary educator, aiming to strengthen comprehension and verbal and written skills for English-language learners.

Daily Reading

One of the best ways for children to practice their literacy skills over the summer is by reading daily. This can mean reading an appropriately challenging text independently or listening to a book being read out loud to them. Let’s enjoy reading this summer!


Students can login to to access over 6,000 enhanced digital books that are interesting, exciting, and appealing for young readers. Students can choose to read these books independently or have the computer read the book to them. Parents, guardians and other important adults, join in on the fun this summer and select a myON book to read to your child. 


Make reading a special time this summer and strive to enjoy a great book each day. Track your child’s progress with this chart from Explore Learning.

Your child should have their myON username and password from their school.

The English language has 26 letters in its alphabet. All words we speak, read and write are made up of 44 sounds. But these 44 sounds are written down in over 180 ways with only our 26 letters. This is why reading and writing is so complex. Use the videos below to continue to build and deepen your understanding of how different letters come together in pairs or groups to make one of the 44 sounds of the English language. These letter groups are called ‘Best Friends’. The videos will then continue with opportunities to apply your knowledge to read and write words utilizing these and other sounds.


Set 2 Sounds


/ay/ and


/ee/ and


/igh/ and


/ow/ - blow the snow and


/oo/ - zoo and


/oo/ - look and


/ar/ and


/or/ and


/air/ and


/ir/ and


/ou/ and


/oy/ and


Practice reading the Set 2 (and Set 1) speedily with these videos below:




Set 3 Sounds


/ea/ and


/oi/ and


/a-e/ and


/i-e/ and


/o-e/ and


/u-e/ and


/aw/ and


/are/ and


/ur/ and


/er/ and


/ow/ (brown) and


/ai/ and


/oa/ and


/ew/ and


/ire/ and


/ear/ and


/ure/ and


/tion/ and


/tious/cious/ and


Practice reading the Set 3 (and Set 1 and 2) speedily with these videos below: and



Practice reading these longer words that use the same sound, but different spellings:


/ea/ /ee/


/oi/ /oy/


/ai/ /a-e/ /ay/


/igh/ /i-e/


/ow/ /o-e/ /oa/


/oo/ /u-e/ /ew/


/or/ /aw/


/air/ /are/


/ir/ /ur/ /er/


/ow/ /ou/


/oo/ (look)










/ence/ - Lesson 1


/ance/ - Lesson 1


/able/ - Lesson 1


/ment/ - Lesson 1


/ence/ - Lesson 2


/ance/ - Lesson 2


/able/ - Lesson 2


/ment/ - Lesson 2


/cious/ - Lesson 1


/ous/ - Lesson 1


/ious/ - Lesson 1


/tion/ - Lesson 1


/tion/ - Lesson 2


/tious/ - Lesson 1


/ent/ - Lesson 1


/ent/ - Lesson 2


/ant/ – Lesson 1


/ant/ - Lesson 2


/ible/ - Lesson 1


/ible/ - Lesson 2

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